How to Multiply With Decimal Numbers and Where to Put the Decimals?

Answer If you already know how to multiply complex whole numbers, throwing in decimal points can give the illusion of having a more difficult problem to solve. In fact, multiplying decimals is similar to ... Read More »

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How to Multiply Normal Numbers With Decimals?

The easiest way to multiply normal numbers, or whole numbers, by a decimal number is to punch the numbers into a calculator. However, with one push of a wrong button, you'll end up thinking a wrong... Read More »

How to Multiply Decimals With Exponents?

A decimal represents a fractional part of a whole number using a multiple of 10. Numbers containing decimals often express a more precise measurement in comparison to regular whole numbers. An expo... Read More »

How to Multiply Two Decimals with Paper and Pencil?

Nowadays, it seems as if everyone just punches numbers into a calculator and lets the calculator do all the work. What happens, though, when that calculator is nowhere to be found or doesn't work? ... Read More »

How to Add Numbers With Exponents & Decimals?

If you are new to math, you will also be new to the ideas of both decimals and exponents. However, adding decimals and exponents follows essentially the same principles as adding whole numbers. The... Read More »