How to Multiply 3 Digit Numbers?

Answer There are essentially two ways to multiply 3-digit numbers -- multiply the top number by each of the three bottom numbers, lining up the products and then adding them, or multiply and add products ... Read More »

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How to Multiply Two Digit by Two Digit Numbers (Using the Count to 99 on Your Fingers Method)?

This method will allow you to multiply two digit numbers without using more than one line. If you do not know how to count to 99 on your fingers, use the wikihow link below.

How to Multiply Two Digit Numbers Mentally?

Simple tricks of algebra let you multiply two-digit numbers rather quickly. You need to know the squares of integers, but these can be obtained easily enough, and with regular practice you will mem... Read More »

How many different seven-digit phone numbers are possible if the first digit cannot be 0 or 1?

The easiest way to solve this problem is to look at how many choices there are for each number. The first number has eight choices (all 10 digits except 1 or 2) and the other six have 10. So, the n... Read More »

When were three-digit phone numbers used?

Three-digit phone numbers were used in some smaller areas prior to 1958, at the same time that four-digit phone numbers were used. The phone number would consist of the first two letters of a perso... Read More »