How to: Multiple Rational Fractions?

Answer Rational numbers can be expressed as fractions; conversely, any fraction is a rational number unless its denominator (bottom number) is 0, if there is an unsimplified square root sign anywhere in t... Read More »

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How to Solve Rational Equations With Fractions?

Rational equations can often be off-putting, because they include fractions and, sometimes, the "x" terms are in the denominators of fractions. You will become adept at solving rational equations w... Read More »

How to Solve Fractions Within Fractions Algebraically?

A fraction contains an upper portion, which is the numerator, over a lower portion, which is the denominator. Both portions can contain numbers, variables or a combination of both. A complex fracti... Read More »

How to film multiple shots with multiple cameras and make it look in sequence and smooth?

Generally no. Occasionally when there are expensive effects like explosions where cars, buildings or other structures are destroyed they use multiple cameras. Minor stunts are rehearsed and planned... Read More »

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