How to Mulch Around a Tree?

Answer Putting mulch around a tree not only makes lawns more attractive but also provides many benefits. This protective covering controls weeds, helps maintain moisture and temperature in the soil near t... Read More »

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Synthetic Tree Mulch?

Synthetic mulch provides the weed suppression gardeners desire without the degradation and insect attraction natural mulches create. Gardeners may spread loose mulch around trees by hand and cut sy... Read More »

Is there anything I should watch out for when using tree chippings as a mulch?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEYou already hit on the pepper and the palm, the only other thing you must not allow in the chippings is chippings from ANY fruit trees. most people only have fruit tre... Read More »

How to Use Tree Stump Grindings as Mulch?

The tree is gone but an unattractive stump remains. What to do? Rent a stump grinder or contract with a company that does stump grinding. This will leave a large pile of chips and sawdust when the ... Read More »

Is apple tree mulch good for landscaping and garden?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEThe rule is.... NEVER use mulch from any form of fruit tree unless you are personal involved with said fruit tree. To many questionable diseases and pathogens related... Read More »