How to Move the Magikarp in "Pokemon Platinum"?

Answer In "Pokemon Platinum," you will raise a variety of Pokemon. As you do so, you travel to different towns to battle various trainers and collect gym badges. Although the Pokemon Magikarp doesn't know... Read More »

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How to Get the Golden Magikarp in "Pokemon Gold"?

One of the interesting aspects of breeding Pokemon in "Pokemon Gold" is that breeding two like Pokemon can produce unexpected results. For example, breeding two different types of "Gyarados" Pokemo... Read More »

How to Get Perfect Ivs in Pokemon Platinum With Wild Pokemon (With Action Replay)?

Have to beat a Trainer that you can't beat?If so, than this article is for you!

How to Teach Gym Leader Moves to Pokemon Without TMs in Pokemon Platinum?

Each Gym Leader has a signature move that they give to you to teach to your Pokemon via a TM. However these TMs are single use and cannot be re-obtained. This is changed in Pokemon Black and White.... Read More »

Where is Dr-Phil in Pokemon Platinum?

what the heck do u mean there is no Dr-Phil in Pokemon