How to Move the Backseat in a Ford Taurus?

Answer The backseat in the Ford Taurus utilizes a combination of clips and mounting bolts in order to maintain its position in the vehicle. Removal of the seat, for either repair or replacement, is fairly... Read More »

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How to Customize a Ford Taurus SE?

The Ford Taurus was introduced in 1985 as a 1986 model. It had a futuristic shape and no grill. With a curb weight of 3,200 pounds and a 106-inch wheelbase, the Ford Taurus SE was manufactured in b... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the AC in a 97 Ford Taurus?

Usually, problems that may occur with the AC system in your Taurus are relatively simple to diagnose, whether it's an issue with the blower fan or magnetic clutch. Before taking your Ford Taurus in... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a Ford Taurus?

A Ford Taurus oil change is easy for a beginner or advanced car junkie. A Ford Taurus model dated 1996 or later needs a 16mm wrench for the oil drain plug. Refer to the owner's manual for wrench si... Read More »

How to Remove the EEC on a Ford Taurus?

The evaporative emission control system on the Ford Taurus traps and stores fuel vapors that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere, and recycles them into an air/fuel mixture used for combusti... Read More »