How to Move a Phone Number From One Phone to Another With Verizon?

Answer It is not difficult for most people to collect hundreds of contacts in their cell phone's phone book. Transferring all of those contacts over to a new phone can be extremely time-consuming. Verizon... Read More »

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How to Change My Number to Another Verizon Wireless Phone?

You may be worried about getting a new phone on your Verizon Wireless account because you're unsure if you can use your current number on it. Nevertheless, you can activate a new or used cell phone... Read More »

How can i delete my phone-number from another phone?

The only way to do that is to get on their phone and delete it, or yes you can block them but not all phones do that. Ignore your friend, eventually they will get the hint and stop texting you.Or j... Read More »

Is texting from one verizon phone to another free?

How to Move From One Sprint Phone to Another?

Moving from one Sprint phone to another can be done rather easily and within a short amount of time. Many cell phone users change their phones throughout the course of a contract, mainly because th... Read More »