How to Move a Main Meter Socket?

Answer A meter socket provides a connection between the main power line and the electricity meter. Some service providers do not allow anyone to tamper with the connection in meter sockets, but if allowed... Read More »

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Does defragging my main drive help me move files from my main to my external faster cause its slow enough?

if you've had your computer for a year or so and you've never defragged it then it'll run like a snail defragging you hard drive will speed it up and reduce some errors you may be getting

How to Install a Meter Socket?

Electrical utility meters measure the amount electricity that we use. The most common electricity meter is the usage meter. It uses electromagnetic induction to count how many times a flat metal di... Read More »

Should I move back into the main bedroom, a bit fed up in the spare room?

without knowing why and not trying to guess why .the only person who can solve this problem is your selfwhat ever you decide .i hope the decission works out have a nice daythis may cheer you ... Read More »

How can you move storage from the main memory to the sd card on your LG Droid?

i have one and yes it doe shoot videos, it shoots it in black and whit negative and a bunch of different color effects.