How to Move a Breaker Box?

Answer Always check your local building codes before undertaking a project of this magnitude to be certain you don't need a licensed electrician to move your breaker box. If not, be certain you have a goo... Read More »

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How to Move a Circuit Breaker?

The main power panel houses all of the circuit breakers for the house. The main breaker is usually located at the top of the power panel. That breaker controls all of the power that enters the hous... Read More »

Is it safe to turn the breaker on and use my microwave The breaker tripped after a light bulb broke.?

well now you're going to split a couple of protons and then create a black hole and then we're going to get sucked in, all cuz you couldn't eat your freaking food cold like the rest of us!!!THANKS ... Read More »

My parents let me move out 4 months ago well i want to move out of state with my fiance because he has a job offer..but im afraid they would get mad can i still move?

The statment below is incorrect. The whole basis of this website is that you can ask any question."I think that you should keep your personal problems to yourself.Because a lot of people have diffe... Read More »

If you have primary physical custody and want to move to a different county but your custody agreement says you cannot move out of Los Angeles County what can you do to get permission to move?

Answer In most cases custody agreements are never final, but can be modified as circumstances change. However, if a custody order stipulates that the parent with primary physical custody cannot m... Read More »