How to Move Windows Files to Another Virtual Desktop on the Same Computer?

Answer Modern Windows operating systems allow more than one user to have their own unique virtual desktop on the same computer. Occasionally the need to share windows files between one desktop and another... Read More »

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Whats the best way to transfer files from a computer to another!... (desktop to a laptop)...?

You sure can make a network, but you'll need a 'cross-over' ethernet cable, which is like a regular ethernet cable, but 2 of the wires are switched from one end to the other. Connect the cross cab... Read More »

How to Make Multiple Users of a Windows Computer Use the Same Virtual Machine?

You use the administrator account of your computer and have friends who make use of other accounts on the same computer. You have installed VirtualBox on the PC. Problem is when your friends’ log... Read More »

What would be a reason why a virtual machine computer can not PING another virtual machine computer?

I'd love an answer to this as well as I ran into it this past summer.

How to Move Virtual Memory to Another Drive to Optimize Vista?

Virtual memory is used by Windows Vista when the RAM in your computer runs low. Virtual memory is actually a file cached on your hard disk drive. It is called the "page" or "paging" file and is typ... Read More »