How to Move Windows Files to Another Virtual Desktop on the Same Computer?

Answer Modern Windows operating systems allow more than one user to have their own unique virtual desktop on the same computer. Occasionally the need to share windows files between one desktop and another... Read More »

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How to Move or Delete FTP Files in a Windows Program?

If you want to move, delete and control files on an FTP server, like you would any other files or folders on your Windows computer, then you can use the Map Network Drive assistant. Once you have m... Read More »

How to Move Windows Service Pack Files?

The "Service Pack Files" folder, located on your c: drive, contains the operating system updates released by Microsoft that enhance your operating system's usability. A common problem associated wi... Read More »

Do files on a desktop slow down the computer?

On One Hand: Big Files on a Desktop Will Affect PerformanceKeeping a large amount of big files and programs on your desktop will slow down your computer. Keeping copies of files on your desktop use... Read More »

How do I move Windows XP apps from an external hard drive to a new Windows Vista computer?

Uninstall the applications from the Control Panel in Windows XP if they are installed; most programs are licensed to install on one computer at a time. Check the program’s webpage to see if it is... Read More »