How to Move Tabs Side-by-Side in Firefox?

Answer The Mozilla Firefox web browser allows users to have multiple pages open in separate tabs. This is a useful feature that is easier on your system's resources than having multiple windows open and i... Read More »

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How to Remove the Tabs on the Side of Firefox?

App tabs are small tabs that appear on the sides of the Mozilla Firefox location bar. These tabs are designed to help you easily access websites, similar to a bookmarking feature. To add app tabs, ... Read More »

How to Get Side-by-Side Windows Instead of Tabs?

The problem with opening browser tabs is that you can only see one page at a time. By opening side-by-side windows, you can see the content on both pages, simultaneously. Opening side-by-side windo... Read More »

Weird breath coming out when I move side to side?

this happens to me too. It feels like my lung is rubbing against my ribcage and makes a weird noise. Happens to my mom too. I have no clue what it is

My mouse will move the cursor up and down but NOT side to side!! Help......?

take the ball out of the bottom of the mouse and clean the runners, they get crap stuck round them. just scrape it with your finger nail and blow it out.