How to Move Out With the Kids When Leaving Your Spouse?

Answer The decision to move away from your spouse is difficult enough, but is made even more complex when you have children to consider. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary for you to move... Read More »

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What kind of visitation can your ex-spouse have with your children when you move out of town?

How to Let a Parent Move In with You and Your Spouse?

We all love our parents a lot. They've helped us through our entire lives and when they need our help, we are just too willing to help. However your spouse may be a little against the idea. Here's ... Read More »

How to Encourage Your Spouse to Interact with the Kids?

Sometimes people, even parents, aren't sure how to interact with children. Small steps on your part can help change that. Here are some ideas.

Which celebrity would you most feel comfortable leaving your kids with?

Ellen De would be fantastic - Portia - mmmm yes, Fifi Box in Australia!! Tom Hanks and his partner - Hugh Jackman, Definitely not The Cruises, or Madonna, or Brangelina - or Britney Spears, Travol... Read More »