How to Move Itunes from PC to PC?

Answer You need a CD writer, or unless you wish to mail all those songs to yourself then dowload them, which will last for a LONG time.

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How do you Move from torrent to iTunes?

You just drag the finished music from the Download folder in My Documents to your iTunes, just like you do normally.

How to Move Songs From iTunes to Another MP3 Player?

The media program iTunes is a popular choice for many computer users. This program, however, was made distinctly with the iPod in mind, and does not recognize other MP3 playback devices. Many other... Read More »

How do i move music from a computer to itunes?

Open iTunes and click on "File" at the top left side of the screen. Scroll down and click on "Add File to Library" to add one song, or "Add Folder to Library" to add an entire folder worth of music... Read More »

Could I move itunes to an external hardrive?

You can't. You can backup your music to the HDD, but its not a good idea to move the files. It's slower, it's less reliable, and it can mess up all your album information and artwork. The iTunes pr... Read More »