How to Move Data From Access to SQL?

Answer Knowing how to move data from Microsoft Access to a Microsoft SQL Server can save you time when you need Access data in a SQL server database. Access is a relational database management application... Read More »

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How to Display Data From Access?

Displaying data from an Access database means opening the Microsoft Database file (MDB) that holds the data. MDB files created in one version of Access, such as Access 2000, can be opened in previo... Read More »

How do you move data from a cell phone to the iPhone 3G?

No you must purchase a data package from AT&T for $40.00, no excuses with them. But if you unlock it you do not have to pay for internet as long as you have wifi were you are

How to Access & Import Data From Worksheets?

One of the advantages of building a worksheet is that you can use that data in many different ways. Once that worksheet is built and the data is in place, you can share that information with a wide... Read More »

All my data is off by 2 rows in Microsoft Excel, is there a way to move all the data w/o starting over?

Using the INSERT Row, at the row where you wish one extra row to be added above it, will do the trick. Or you can select all of your cells with data in them, use the CUT, and then just PASTE all t... Read More »