How to Move Beyond Trauma?

Answer Trauma is an undeniable part of life, and has the capacity to empower us to change. We've all experienced some level of trauma and pain in our lives by virtue of simply being human. It's one of tho... Read More »

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Can eyeballs move apart From too much trauma?

You are a very strange one. An obsession about wide eyes ??This is the 3rd time you go on about eyes spreading apart somehow.Nothing is going to make someones eyes spread apart....not even trauma .

My parents let me move out 4 months ago well i want to move out of state with my fiance because he has a job offer..but im afraid they would get mad can i still move?

The statment below is incorrect. The whole basis of this website is that you can ask any question."I think that you should keep your personal problems to yourself.Because a lot of people have diffe... Read More »

Can trauma cause arthritis?

On One Hand: Joint Injury Can Cause ArthritisWhen a joint is injured in a fall or sporting event, the cartilage in that joint can begin to deteriorate, leading to osteoarthritis in that joint only.... Read More »

What are the causes of brain trauma?

A brain injury can occur due to a severe blow or hit to the head or an injury that penetrates the skull. Some of the leading causes of brain trauma are falls, car crashes and explosions.Brain Traum... Read More »