How to Mount a Windows Vista Shared File on a Mac?

Answer Windows Vista shared files and directories can be accessed through Mac OS X systems without any special software. Mounting the shared location is necessary to read, write and update files on a netw... Read More »

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How to Mount a Windows Shared Folder in Linux?

Samba is a free, open-source software system that allows sharing of files and printers between clients on a network. It allows computers and servers with different operating systems to interact sea... Read More »

How can I print to a shared printer on Windows XP from a Windows Vista computer.?

If you have set up you network correctly via your router, it should work. If one PC has the printer connected and the other network PC has no printer, the both PC, must have th sam printer driver, ... Read More »

What is the user id&password used on windows vista for shared network printers?

Windows Vista features a network share option called "Password Protected Sharing." Within this scheme, individual users must provide their user names and passwords for security purposes. Therefore,... Read More »

How to Copy a File From a Network Shared Folder on Windows Mobile?

Copying a file from a shared network folder when using a Windows Mobile device will require having a network setup at your home. This can be a wired network or a wireless network. If you have a Mob... Read More »