How to Mount a Picture on a Wall Without Nails?

Answer Keep your walls nail-free as you create a gallery of pictures to showcase. No need to worry about any damage to the wall as technology provides a simple solution to the dilemma of hanging pictures ... Read More »

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What size screws to mount vizio 47 inch tv to wall mount?

Most 47" Vizio televisions use a M6 (6 mm) metric screw no more than 50mm long. If you have a Vizio-branded mount, you can use screws as short as 20mm.

How to Mount an Outdoor Wall Mount Porch Light?

Mounting a new porch light is typically a simple process involving only three wires. A wide variety of lighting styles are available to compliment the appearance of the home. Additionally, lights ... Read More »

How do you hook up a wall mount LCD TV without having the Direct TV wires hanging down the wall?

How to Mount an LCD Wall Mount to 24-Inch Studs?

Most wall studs are 16 inches on center, but if your home has 24-inch stud spacing, it doesn't mean wall-mounting a flat-panel TV is difficult. Manufacturers make wall brackets to handle this ver... Read More »