How to Mount a New Motor on a Boat by Drilling Holes?

Answer You need a shop crane to move or mount large outboards. Before you mount the new motor, you must make sure that the boat's transom, the part at the rear, or stern of the boat, that lies at right an... Read More »

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How to Mount a Trolling Motor on the Front of a Sweetwater Pontoon Boat?

Trolling motors for use with a pontoon boat need to have a shaft that is long enough to extend from the deck down to the water. If you need to install a trolling motor on your Sweetwater pontoon yo... Read More »

How to Pull Small Dents Out of a Car Without Drilling Holes?

You've had your car only six months. Then one day you spot it from a hundred yards away--your first dent. After careful inspection, you notice the paint hasn't been scratched. The dent itself is fa... Read More »

Locksmith Tools & Supplies for Drilling Holes?

A locksmith is a qualified professional who installs, repairs and bypasses all kinds of locks using an assortment of locksmith tools and supplies. For drilling holes to fit new locks, he uses speci... Read More »

How to Mount Tachometers Without Drilling?

A tachometer measures the revolutions per minute, or RPM, of a working engine. Many cars today have tachometers built into its system of gauges. This has not always been the case. Vehicles without ... Read More »