How to Mount a Meter Box to a Metal Building?

Answer Meter boxes are electrical devices that record how much electricity has passed from the source and into the building. Meter boxes can be mounted to wood or metal buildings, and the process of mount... Read More »

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Is there any way to change the mount on my Sony a35 to a full metal mount like the a77?

Old enough to remember your antique plastic toys that crumbled to pressure?If you are able to smash or crack or break a camera's plastic lens mount, you would surely do the same to the metal versio... Read More »

How to Mount a Metal Halide Retrofit?

Metal halide retrofit reflectors are used for indoor growing applications. Unlike enclosed cooling units, they are an open reflector kit that a metal halide light can screw directly into. Their mou... Read More »

How to Mount a Bat House on a Metal Pole?

Bats are efficient predators of night-flying insects. Any reduction of these buggy pests by means other than chemical is a benefit to man. Bat houses provide shelter for these mammals, increasing t... Read More »

How Can I Get TV Reception Inside a Metal Building?

If you live inside a building with significant metal components and obtain your television programming through an antenna, you may find it difficult to connect to a clear signal. This is because th... Read More »