How to Mount a License Plate?

Answer Changing a license plate can be made simple with these steps. This method is the original way to change your license plate if you have just bought a private one.

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How to Mount Lights on a License Plate Mount?

Many owners of motor vehicles have LED lights mounted on their rear license plate holders as a means of both safety and vanity. You can purchase these at any auto supply store and can install the l... Read More »

How to Mount a Frame for a License Plate Where No Existing Frame Exists?

A lot of times when you bring a car from Missouri or something it'll only have one mount for a license plate. This will draw a lot of unwanted attention from the cops which is bad if, you know, it'... Read More »

What plate is Mount Tambora on?

Mount Tambora is part of a chain of volcanoes in Indonesia which lie along the seismically active border between the huge Eurasian tectonic plate and the Indo-Australian Plate. With a few notable e... Read More »

UK License Plate Law?

Regulations governing the use and supply of license plates in the United Kingdom are very specific. As well as identifying the vehicle, the information displayed on a standard British license plate... Read More »