How to Mount a Hi-Lift Jack on a Bumper?

Answer The Hi-Lift company makes a lever controlled jack that can be mounted on the bumper of a suitably sturdy vehicle. These jacks can lift objects up by up to 40 inches and can help you avoid being str... Read More »

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Lift Jack Uses?

Implied by its name, a lift jack is manufactured with the intent to allow owners to raise a vehicle up from ground level in order to observe and work on the vehicle from beneath it. In response to ... Read More »

How to Use a Hi-Lift Jack?

When driving off-road you never know what you are going to encounter. Being prepared for any situation will alleviate the need for an expensive backwoods rescue. A Hi-Lift jack is a multi-purpose t... Read More »

How to Use an Air Bumper Jack?

Air bumper jacks are hydraulic automotive jacks that use air pressure to lift your vehicle off of the ground just enough to fit under it and perform car repairs. Hydraulic automotive jacks can be u... Read More »

How to Lift a Car With a Floor Jack?

A floor jack is an easy to use tool to elevate a car for short-term projects, such as tire and oil changes. You can lift a car with a floor jack much faster than with other jack stands, yet just as... Read More »