How to Mount Shovelhead Exhaust Pipes?

Answer In the 100 years of the motorcycle's existence, it has seen many changes. The Shovelhead motor, named for the shape of the top of the motor, has received a lot of use in those years. Changing out t... Read More »

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What exhaust does NASCAR use, X-pipes or H-pipes?

In NASCAR and other racing organizations, X-pipes are used to balance the pressure in the vehicle's exhaust system. The "X" design helps to avoid the pressure that is associated with an H-pipe styl... Read More »

Top Exhaust Pipes for Bikes?

One of the most popular modifications you can do to a motorcycle is to upgrade the exhaust system. Not only does an aftermarket exhaust system add horsepower, but it can change the bike's sound and... Read More »

How to Fix Exhaust Pipes for Cars?

An exhaust leak in your car is a problem with numerous drawbacks. If the leak is large enough, it will be loud and create a surplus of smoky, smelly exhaust fumes. Taking your car to a repair shop ... Read More »

How to Make Exhaust Pipes for an ATV?

Make your own exhaust pipes for an ATV and then route or reconfigure your engine accordingly. The project requires metal benders and decent quality steel piping. You can get as creative as you like... Read More »