How to Mount Poles for Trio Martin Houses?

Answer Purple martins are the largest variety of swallow in North America. Purple martins travel thousands of miles each year to nest in North America, and purple martins east of the Rocky Mountains only ... Read More »

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Bird Houses & Poles?

A variety of birds, including chickadees, swallows, wrens, bluebirds, owls and purple martins, use birdhouses, especially when natural cavities seem scarce. The height of the birdhouse remains an i... Read More »

How do I put up martin houses?

Select Habitat LocationSelect the habitat location for the martin bird house. Martin bird houses are best when located between 40 and 60 feet from trees or buildings. However, martins depend on hum... Read More »

Do martin houses need to be cleaned out each season?

Purple Martin birdhouses should be cleaned at the end of the season. The Purple Martin Conservatory Association also recommends either sealing the entrance holes, or taking the birdhouse down durin... Read More »

DIY Building Martin Bird Houses?

Adding a purple martin house to your backyard has multiple benefits. Not only can you enjoy the activities of these friendly, social little birds, but they also rid the area of mosquitoes, making t... Read More »