How to Mount Altimax RT Tires?

Answer General Tire developed the Altimax RT to be quiet and long lasting and provide a comfortable ride. General manufactures the Altimax RT in a variety of sizes for many applications, and the tire is a... Read More »

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How to Mount General Altimax RT Tires?

General Tire Company was incorporated in 1915. It is a world leader in the tire industry. Today General Tire is owned by Continental Tire Company. Together the two names compete against Michelin wh... Read More »

How to Mount Two New Tires?

Car experts are nearly unanimous that two new tires should be installed on the rear axle for safety reasons. On a dry pavement it wouldn't make much difference, but in wet conditions cars can hydro... Read More »

How to Mount Car Tires?

There may come a time when you have to mount a tire on a wheel, and not have access to a repair shop. While a professional with a tire mounting machine can mount a tire in under a minute, it can be... Read More »

How to Mount RC Car Tires?

Mounting RC tires is easy but if it isn't done correctly, your RC vehicle will fling the tires off the wheels the first time you squeeze the throttle trigger--especially if you have a nitro powered... Read More »