How to Monitor a Cat's Urine pH?

Answer Cats diagnosed with bladder crystals and/or kidney stones -- called uroliths -- need to have their urine monitored frequently to ascertain acid and alkaline values. Felines with the potential for s... Read More »

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Why do cats spray urine?

Cats are typically very clean animals that prefer to urinate and defecate only in their specified litter box or outside. However, some cats spray urine indoors on a vertical surface to mark their t... Read More »

What type flooring is best if you have cats re urine problems?

First Answer:laminant.Second Answer:There are many reasons why your cat is urinating on your floors. Make sure you have a cat box available for your cat or cats to urinate in. Make sure they know w... Read More »

How Do I Help If the Prior Owner Had Numerous Cats and Now the House Smells of Urine?

One of the downsides to purchasing or renting lived-in property is the possibility that the prior owner had animals. Cats are frequent culprits for smells in previously owned homes and apartments. ... Read More »

If you feel like you have to urine every thirty minutes or so and there is blood in your urine is that a sign of pregnancy?

Probably not. It sounds like you have a real bad infection in there and you should go to the doctors to get a pap. If you dont it could cause some major problems that you do not want.This could als... Read More »