How to Monitor Weather & Climate?

Answer Weather has to do with events that happen in the atmosphere. Weather and climate are determinations of variables such as temperature, air pressure, sky conditions, precipitation and wind. The diffe... Read More »

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What Affects the Climate & Weather?

The difference between climate and weather is simple but often misunderstood, especially in relation to the debate on climate change. Weather is the hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and season-to-season c... Read More »

Are weather&climate examples of a system?

A system on Earth is defined as an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the interconnectedness of various science processes as they relate to the Earth in its entirety. The five interconnect... Read More »

About Weather and Climate in Illinois?

Illinois is home of the world's first skyscraper and was the first state to abolish slavery. The first McDonald's was built in Des Plaines. Located just south of Wisconsin and just north of Kentuck... Read More »

Projects in Elements of Weather and Climate?

Understanding how weather and climate affects the planet is a complex topic. Yet some basic concepts about the elements of weather and climate can be studied by young children. Once foundational co... Read More »