How to Monitor Phone Conversations?

Answer Popular software designed for spying can allow a person to eavesdrop on your private phone conversations. Some phone spying applications can be downloaded to the target phone without the owner's k... Read More »

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Can your neighbors listen in on your phone conversations with a baby monitor?

It's possible if the phone and the monitors work in the same broadcast frequency.Most do not, however. Modern cordless phones operate in the 2.4ghz wavelength, and older ones operate in the 900mhz ... Read More »

How do I Record Phone Conversations on an FHSS Digital Phone?

The FHSS GigaRange Digital Cordless Phone is manufactured by Panasonic. It has Frequency Hopping Digital Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, a speakerphone, caller ID, a rechargeable battery and a v... Read More »

Can someone listen to your cell phone conversations?

The police can tap your cell phone but they need to get a warrant from a judge permitting it. They have to have a pretty good reason for doing it too. Such as Terrorism etc. I believe your telephon... Read More »

Are cell phone conversations secure?

Cell phone conversations are not secure. Calls are transmitted over radio frequencies, which can be intercepted by scanners. Although newer digital cell phones, such as PCS phones, have scrambling ... Read More »