How to Monitor Local Network Internet Usage?

Answer According to an employee survey by, of over 1400 workers, "37% admitted to surfing constantly at work," which adds up to several hours a day surfing the Internet for non-business purposes... Read More »

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How to Monitor Internet Usage on a Network?

If a computer network (that is to say, a group of computers that are connected to one another) is also connected to the Internet, all computers on that network will have simultaneous access to the ... Read More »

How to Monitor User Internet Usage?

Employers have a vested interest in monitoring employees' Internet usage so that productivity increases and time-wasters can be identified. Parents supervising children at home also have reasons fo... Read More »

How to Monitor Internet Data Usage?

While most cable and DSL Internet providers don't enforce a bandwidth limit for Internet access, many wireless network providers do. With a limited amount of bandwidth to use per month, you'll want... Read More »

How to Monitor & Report Internet Usage on One User?

Every time a website is visited, your computer keeps track of the website address, the time and date the site was visited, and the user who visited the website. This information is invaluable when ... Read More »