How to Modify a Car to Run on Ethanol?

Answer Ethanol, a plant-based fuel source, is the most widely used alternative fuel source in the nation. Most popular is the specific blend of 10% Ethanol and 85% gasoline (E10 at retail). It has proved ... Read More »

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In i modify some text box then i excute the program modify wil not appear.?

There are many examples of how to create and work with text boxes using VB.Net. A quick Google search will show you various ways to handle your current situation. Because, without supplying the p... Read More »

What is e85 ethanol?

E85 ethanol provides an alternative to traditional gasoline. It has many advantages over traditional gasoline, but it also has a few distinct downsides.DefinitionE85 ethanol is a mixture of ethanol... Read More »

Can i put ethanol gas in my car?

On One Hand: Ethanol Seems Like a Good IdeaEthanol is a domestic alternative fuel that costs less than gasoline. Most vehicles can run on up to 15 percent ethanol fuel without a problem. All Americ... Read More »

Effects of Ethanol on Ice?

Ice contains low friction, which makes ice useful to ice skaters and dangerous to motorists. Scientists have observed significant activities with ice at lower temperatures, including the phenomenon... Read More »