How to Modify Holley Carbs?

Answer Holley carburetors are manufactured in a modular format, meaning that regardless of size, each carburetor will have similar components and identical construction methods. Furthermore, Holley's afte... Read More »

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How to Tell Holley Carbs Apart?

Holley carbs fall into two categories: fuel-injected and non-fuel-injected. If your carburetor is non-fuel-injected, the carburetor will have a choke tower on the main body of the carburetor, where... Read More »

How to Identify Holley Carbs?

Holley has been building carburetors for a long time now, so there are a lot of different types out there to choose from. If you buy a used carb, it's nice to know what model it is so you can order... Read More »

How to Adjust Floats on Holley Carbs?

Floats manage the flow of fluid through a device, primarily in pumps. A carburetor is a pump that serves two purposes, to pump fuel and air into the intake manifold, where the mix is delivered to t... Read More »

How to Tune Holley Carbs for Gas Mileage?

Although Holley is most commonly associated with high-performance aftermarket automotive parts, American automakers have sometimes equipped their vehicles with Holley carburetors during the 1960s a... Read More »