How to Model Alcoholic Fermentation?

Answer i recently just did this in Biology class at school. Its really fun to do.

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Does yogurt do lactic acid fermentation or alcoholic fermentation?

Yogurt is associated with lactic acid fermentation. Yogurt is produced by lactic acid bacteria during the fermentation process. Conversely, alcoholic fermentation is carried out by yeast and is ass... Read More »

How do alcoholic fermentation&lactic acid fermentation differ?

Fermentation is a chemical process. Organic hydrocarbon compounds like sugar are oxidized by microorganisms. Fermentation can be done using yeast, bacteria and even fungi.Alcoholic FermentationWhen... Read More »

How much energy is produced in alcoholic fermentation?

depends on many factors. Strength of yeast, amount of sugar and such.

What is the chemical formula for alcoholic fermentation?

The chemical formula for alcohol fermentation is:C6H12O6 --> 2 C2H5OH +2 CO2 + 2 ATP + heatThis formula demonstrates how sugar, in the form of glucose, ferments into two alcohol molecules and a col... Read More »