How to Mod an X-Box360 Gamertag?

Answer The X-Box 360 gaming console allows gamers around the world to play video games together over the Internet through the use of Microsoft's X-Box Live service. In order to particiapte on X-Box Live, ... Read More »

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Can you transfer your data from your old gamertag to your Xbox Live gamertag?

Data such as achievements and gamerscores can't be transferred between Xbox Live gamertags. You can, however, change your existing gamertag to a new name, retaining all data, through the Xbox 360 d... Read More »

Has x-box360 elite got an blu-ray player?

How do I Use a Madcatz X-Box360 Controller for Oblivion on a PC?

Microsoft's wired Xbox 360 controllers use a standard USB connector to connect to the Xbox 360 as well as computers. The Xbox 360 controller has become one of the most commonly supported PC gamepa... Read More »

Can you play blue ray disks on an x box360?