How to Mod a Nerf Titan?

Answer A Nerf-brand rifle toy can be modified to enhance the way it fires a projectile. To do your own "mod" on a Nerf-brand Titan, replace the barrel with one that you have made. Supplies found around th... Read More »

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How to Detach the Nerf Hornet From the Titan?

In addition to manufacturing sports supplies, Nerf makes a full line of dart guns, or "blasters." The Nerf Titan fires small darts, and another blaster, the Nerf Hornet, fires large foam torpedoes.... Read More »

In "God of War II," How to Beat the Second Titan Minotaur on Titan Mode?

In "God of War II," Kratos is ejected from his throne on Mount Olympus, prompting him to seek revenge on the gods who turned their backs on him. On his journey, you lead Kratos to Euryale's Temple.... Read More »

How to Make a Fake Nerf M203 for the Nerf Recon Cs 6?

The M203 is a rifle mounted grenade launcher used in the various military branches as well as the special forces. This article will make your Recon look cool and realistic.

How to Make a Nerf Fort/Nerf Arsenal?

Have you ever been bored enough to want to have a Nerf war? need protection of your stash of ammo? Need A good supply of guns for the right occasion? then this is for you!