How to Mix Two-Cycle Oil From a Pump?

Answer Mixing two-cycle engine oil with gas at the gas pump is a sure way to make sure that the oil is mixed properly. You will need the correct size gas can and amount of oil to do this. The gas pump wil... Read More »

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I cant decide between the one touch ping pump or the minimed paradigm veo pump from medtronic?

They both look like very nice pumps. I have been using a pump for over just 10 years now, you will love it! The pump I have now is the Minimed Paradigm 722, using for over 5 years. Either way I ... Read More »

You take a 50 g glass coffee mug from the dishwasher following the dry cycle You use a dishcloth because the temperature of the mug is 90 C You fill the mug with 250 g of cold water from the refri?

Do you remove the dryer lint after a cycle or just before starting a new cycle?

i suppose this question would be on your personal preferences. i take the lint out right before i start a new load. but my mom takes the lint out right after she empties the dryer so she doesnt for... Read More »

How many ATP are produced from a TCA cycle?

The citric acid cycle, also called the tricarboxylic acid cycle or TCA cycle or the Krebs cycle, produces one molecule of ATP or adenosine triphosphate. An additional three molecules of NADH and FA... Read More »