How to Mix Nason Car Paint?

Answer Many people choose to do their own car paint jobs at home. Today's paint is both more complex and at the same time easier to use than ever before. New paints must adhere to stricter Environmental P... Read More »

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How to Wet Sand Nason One-Stage Paint?

Nason One-Stage paint is a brand of automobile paint applied as an alternative to traditional basecoat and clear coat applications. If your paint is a solid color (as opposed to metallic or pearl p... Read More »

How to Paint With Nason Clear Coat?

Nason Clear Coat is a topcoat finish that is designed for quick spot paint and panel applications on trucks and automobiles. The clear coat is made to deliver a glossy appearance while offering a q... Read More »

How do I apply Nason base coat paint?

Clean the SurfaceApply a chemical degreasing agent, such as Nason Aerosol Surface Cleaner, to a clean cloth, and rub gently over the entire surface to remove any dust, dirt or buildup. Remove all t... Read More »

If you bought a satin paint to match to an existing paint but it is a little too shiny can you add something to the paint to flatten it some?

Answer if your paint is latex add some water to slightly dull the sheen, if you need to drastically dull the finish buy some flat paint in the same color and mix accordinglyAnother thought.Do not ... Read More »