How to Mix Dolphin Glaze?

Answer Dolphin Glaze is a brushable and pourable polyester putty that is used in auto body repair to fix small imperfections in steel, aluminum and painted surfaces prior to painting. Although product ins... Read More »

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How to Apply Dolphin Glaze Polyester Putty?

Dolphin Glaze polyester putty refers to a chemical liquid substance containing two components, used primarily as a filler to fix small flaws in the body work of cars. However, you can use this putt... Read More »

How to Pet a Dolphin?

Two dolphins leapingDolphin's are cute, friendly and social animals. They love to come in contact with people but the people sometimes don't know how to come in contact with them properly. Well if ... Read More »

How to Adopt a Dolphin?

Save them!!Dolphins are dying all around the world and are dying very fast. Help save one from death by adopting a dolphin. Here's how to.You should realize that when you 'adopt' a dolphin, you won... Read More »

How big is Dolphin Stadium?

Dolphin Stadium, officially under the name of Sun Life Stadium in 2010, is a 160-acre venue outside of Miami, Florida that seats a maximum capacity of 75,540 guests for football and soccer games. T... Read More »