How to Minimize Self Imposed Isolation in Grief?

Answer Social isolation occurs when a person is separated from other people on a regular basis and/or for extended periods of time. It is not unusual for a person suffering from grief to voluntarily opt i... Read More »

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When are tax liens imposed?

A tax lien is imposed when taxes are not paid. A lien is placed on real and personal property to ensure payment. A tax lien means that the property is pledged as collateral or security for the repa... Read More »

What does"sentence imposed&stayed"mean?

An imposed and stayed sentence is one that involves probation instead of harsher punishment. If the person adheres to the probation rules for the specified probation time, she has completed her sen... Read More »

When was federal income tax first imposed?

The first U.S. federal tax on income occurred in 1861, when Congress passed the Revenue Act of 1861. The tax was applied only to people with more than $800. The tax was 3 percent.Source:U.S. Treasu... Read More »

Define fine imposed by competent authority?

According to the Business Dictionary:a competent authority is a "Person or organization that has the legally delegated or invested authority, capacity, or power to perform a designated function."A ... Read More »