How to Melt Scrap Copper?

Answer Jewelers take care to save every snippet of wire, metal filing and leftover tubing when working. Even though copper isn't an expensive metal when compared to gold, platinum or even silver, jewelers... Read More »

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How to Melt Scrap Aluminum?

It is tempting to take your aluminum scrap, melt it and turn it into something more useful than its current state. Granted this metal melting process is something that can be accomplished, remember... Read More »

How to Melt Steel Scrap?

Steel is one of the most common alloys in the world, one that most people encounter on a daily basis. According to the University of Illinois, steel is an iron-based alloy that in most circumstanc... Read More »

How to Melt and Refine Scrap Gold?

Refining gold sounds like it would be something that requires the use of a large smelting oven and heavy iron tools. In truth all you need to refine your scrap gold is a few heavy-gauge plastic buc... Read More »

Oklahoma Copper Scrap Law?

Scrap metal dealers pay a premium price for copper tubing, wire and cable. Because copper is commonly used in plumbing and electrical materials, theft at construction sites, vacant buildings and f... Read More »