How to Melt Polyethylene at Home?

Answer Polyethylene is a commercial polymer frequently used to make plastic. It is usually found in packaging such as bottles and grocery bags. There are various types of polyethylene categorized by their... Read More »

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How do you permanently bond a polyethylene tarp to another polyethylene tarp using a cold glue?

Answer Assuming that the pool has an average depth of 4' , there would be about 11,760 gal.

How to Melt Aluminum Cans at Home?

Empty aluminum beer and soda cans can be melted down into ingots. These compact ingots, also called pigs, can be recycled or remelted later for more advanced metalworking projects. The heat source ... Read More »

How to Melt Copper Wire at Home Into Bars?

Copper wire is a commodity. Because metal prices have risen sharply over the years, even a base metal like copper has value. As copper is a heat conductor, the metal is widely used as electrical wi... Read More »

When you try to melt the chocolate, is it possible to melt it by putting it in the microwave?

Yes it would, but I think the best way to smoothly melt chocolate is to place it in a bowl and then place that bowl into a saucepan of hot water. It melts slowwly and evenly and doesn't bubble or b... Read More »