How to Melt Glass From Sunlight?

Answer Melting glass is a great way to put your recyclable glass containers to good use. All you really need to melt your own glass is access to the sunlight and a Fresnel lens to help focus and channel t... Read More »

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How hot should it be to melt glass?

The temperature at which glass melts depends on the composition and type of glass--whether it is bulletproof, tempered, tinted, etc. The temperature range at which glass melts is 1400 to 1600 degre... Read More »

How to Melt Glass Bottles?

The creation of decorative vases, centerpieces or even wall hangings from old glass bottles is growing in popularity as the world becomes more "green." Old bottles can be recycled and used to creat... Read More »

How to Melt Glass With a Torch?

Glass melting has a long history, going back to approximately 3000 BC. In these early times, glass was melted to decorate vases. Glass is made up of silica, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate. ... Read More »

How to Melt Glass Bottles in a Kiln?

You can melt glass bottles in a kiln to create novel glass bottle trays. When the bottle is hot enough, the top will slump down to the bottom and create a flat surface. Glass must be put through a ... Read More »