How to Melt Down 22K Gold?

Answer With a steady touch of fire, 22K gold can be melted down and re-purposed to create a new piece of jewelry or ornamental art. The fine gold powders and small nuggets found by prospecting hobbyists c... Read More »

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How hot does it have to be to melt gold?

Pure gold has a melting point of 1,947.52 degrees F. The temperature must be increased to 5,173 degrees before gold will boil. Non-pure gold, such as 10K or 18K gold is mixed with other metals to m... Read More »

How to Melt Gold Ore?

Gold ore is a rock that includes particles of the element gold. The ore can have many different mineral makeups, and is not normally melted down itself. The gold it contains, however is extracted b... Read More »

How to Melt Gold?

Melting gold is especially useful for casting gold items or pouring gold ingots from scrap gold. The important thing is to obtain the right equipment, and use it safely.

How to Melt and Refine Scrap Gold?

Refining gold sounds like it would be something that requires the use of a large smelting oven and heavy iron tools. In truth all you need to refine your scrap gold is a few heavy-gauge plastic buc... Read More »