How to Meet, Greet & Charm People?

Answer Not everyone has what it takes to make new friends. No matter how nice you seem to be, it just doesn't click. However, some people barely have to open their mouths before they have a crowd drawn to... Read More »

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How to Greet and Meet People in a Business Setting?

In business you meet people every day. If you are making the initial contact with a client or a colleague you want to get off on the right foot. This will help you make a positive impression and de... Read More »

What do you do at a Meet & Greet?

The meet and greets that are before concerts are very quick. Meet and greets last about 30 seconds, 1 minute if your lucky. Through the meet and greet you wait in line in order to get your photo ta... Read More »

How to Act at a Meet and Greet?

Want to keep calm when you meet the celebrity you adore? Here's how!

How to Meet and Greet Royalty?

The Queen--yes, THE QUEEN--is coming for dinner! At your place! Tonight! OK, so it's the Queen of Hotzletottle, but a queen nonetheless. Are you ready? Sure you are. Spruce up the place and follow ... Read More »