How to Measure the Time of Hands-On Activities?

Answer Hands-on activities are performed by students every day within the classroom. These activities include using math manipulators, reading aloud, group activities and conducting science experiments. O... Read More »

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How to Use Hands to Measure Degrees of Latitude?

Latitude is a line of position on the Earth, north or south of the equator, expressed in degrees. The equator is zero degrees north latitude. The North Pole is ninety degrees north latitude. The la... Read More »

Hands-on Pre-Algebra Activities?

Generally middle school students study pre-algebra and focus on solving multi-step equations, including those with decimals and fractions, learning to graph equations, solving ratios and proportion... Read More »

Why Use Hands-on Math Activities?

Math activities can be fun. When children are having fun they become involved and forget they are learning. Hands-on activities can help children who struggle with math to understand a mathematica... Read More »

Hands-On Activities for Multiplication?

Multiplication is an essential part of mathematics and is important to know for everyday life. This mathematical operation is simply a quicker way to add numbers up; the quicker you can get that ac... Read More »