How to Measure the Piston Bore Size in a Chevy 350?

Answer Your Chevy 350's bore is an important measurement for its power, torque and general performance. The bore is the diameter of the cylinders, and the wider the bore the more effective the 350's compr... Read More »

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How Do Piston Rings Rotate in the Cylinder Bore?

Piston rings refer to circular, springy metal seals that fit into grooves set in the pistons of an internal combustion engine. Piston rings rotate in the cylinder bore, the internal diameter of the... Read More »

How to Measure Center Bore?

The machined center bore of a wheel determines the type of vehicle a wheel will fit. A center bore not matched to a vehicle hub will cause vibration. The vibration will make the vehicle uncontrolla... Read More »

How to Measure a Cylinder Bore?

For an engine to operate at peak efficiency, the cylinders that the pistons move in must be smooth and not be much wider than the diameter of the pistons themselves. The diameter of the engine cyli... Read More »

How to Measure the Bore Caliber of a Muzzleloader?

If you want to achieve the maximum possible accuracy with your modern muzzleloading rifle, you need to know your weapon's exact bore diameter. Firearms manufacturers provide nominal information abo... Read More »