How to Measure the Offset on Rims?

Answer The offset of a car's rim is the distance between the hub contact surface and the center line of the rim's width. Don't change the offset unless you're sure the new rims suit your car. "The wrong o... Read More »

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How to Measure DC Offset?

DC offset (also known as DC bias) is a concept employed when dealing with electrical components, most notably audio equipment. These components send either power or audio signals using alternating ... Read More »

How to Measure ATV Rims?

ATV rims, like car rims, can easily be measured with the use of a measuring tape. Knowing the size of your ATV rim is essential when you want to mount new tires. If you choose an improperly sized ... Read More »

How to Measure Auto Rims?

It is important to get an accurate measurement of auto rims if you plan on replacing tires; you'll need to know if the tires will fit. Auto rims are sized by diameter and width. A common rim size i... Read More »

How to Measure Automotive Rims?

Getting the right bolt pattern measurement is very important, if you plan on purchasing aftermarket rims, since only one size bolt pattern will fit for each particular car. To measure an automotive... Read More »