How to Measure the Decibel Level of Headphones?

Answer Listening to headphones that are too loud for an extended period of time can damage your hearing. Sound waves coming from headphones, though not as large, can be as damaging to your hearing as sitt... Read More »

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Which country imposed 100 decibel level on headphones?

How to Calculate the Decibel Level?

The decibel level is a measure of sound intensity in reference to the minimum audible human sound. The higher the decibel level of a sound is, the louder it is. A sound that is 0 decibels is just b... Read More »

What is the decibel level of a jet plane?

The sound of a jet plane at takeoff (100 feet) is approximately 120 to 130 decibels (dB). The sound of the engine of a stationary jet is approximately 140 decibels (dB). Prolonged exposure to sound... Read More »

Decibel Levels on Headphones?

Headphones = 100 dB means that the level of 100 dB-SPL is posibly at your eardrums.Jackhammer = 100 dB-SPL does mean really nothing, because there is no standard distance like one meter you can ass... Read More »