How to Measure the Bore of a Hydraulic Cylinder?

Answer Hydraulic cylinders are found in automobiles, boats and other large equipment. Hydraulic oil or another pressurized fluid powers the cylinder and forces a piston located inside a barrel to move bac... Read More »

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How to Measure a Cylinder Bore?

For an engine to operate at peak efficiency, the cylinders that the pistons move in must be smooth and not be much wider than the diameter of the pistons themselves. The diameter of the engine cyli... Read More »

What Is the Bore in an Air Cylinder?

The interior diameter of an air cylinder equals its bore. This measurement helps determine the use and maintenance needs of a particular air cylinder.

How to Calculate a Cylinder Bore?

Pneumatic cylinders use a piston to transfer the potential energy of compressed air into kinetic energy, in order to do work. The force provided by the pneumatic cylinder varies with the pressure ... Read More »

How to Use an Electronic Cylinder Bore Gauge?

A cylinder bore gauge is an extremely accurate way to measure the inside diameter of an engine cylinder. This measurement is critical to the fit of the piston, and is taken many times during boring... Read More »