How to Measure the Air-to-Fuel Ratio?

Answer Measuring the air-to-fuel ratio, called the "lambda," requires the use of an air/fuel ratio meter. The meter uses a sensor located at the end of the vehicle's exhaust pipe. An air/fuel meter will p... Read More »

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Where to measure the hip in regards to the 'perfect ratio'?

How to Measure Gear Ratio?

A vehicle's gear ratio describes how much one gear increases another's speed. The measurement is one of several metrics people use to compare vehicles. It determines your car's acceleration, and it... Read More »

How to Measure a Face With the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio (or golden mean) is a numerical constant that has been studied by scientists, mathematicians, historians and artists alike for its aesthetic appeal. Rounded to approximately 1.6, t... Read More »

How to Measure Stock Market Sentiment With the Put/Call Ratio?

While it is notoriously difficult to know where the stock market is headed in the short term, one of the best predictors of stock market performance is the put to call ratio. This ratio measures th... Read More »