How to Measure pH Using an Indicator?

Answer A pH indicator is a thin strip used to determine the chemical makeup of a substance, such as pool water or soil. The pH indicator reacts with the substance and changes color, telling you if the sub... Read More »

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How to Make an Indicator Using Hibiscus Petals?

Have you ever wondered how to make a cheap and sensitive indicator for bases and acids with items found in a household? If yes, this is the solution.

How to Measure Microorganisms Using the Micrometer?

When you're in the lab and looking at different microorganisms under the microscope, you will need to measure them from time to time as part of carrying out an experiment or just in general observa... Read More »

How to Measure Length Using a Ruler?

Most students learn how to use rulers in elementary school. Even though most people can find basic measurements with a ruler, many don't know the details of how to gain the most precise measurement... Read More »

How do I measure current using an amp meter?

Change the Multimeter DialChange the dial on your multimeter until it is set to measure DC or AC amps, which is the ammeter setting. On the dial DC amps and AC amps are usually designated with an "... Read More »