How to Measure a Semi Truck Wheelbase?

Answer A semi truck is a vehicle that forms the towing engine component of an articulated vehicle, the other component being a semi trailer. This vehicle is often simply referred to as a "truck." The semi... Read More »

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What is the meaning of semi truck?

Semi truck is a term coined by the transportation industry and truck drivers for use as a slang phrase. The name stands for a tractor trailer or commercial vehicle. Although a commercial vehicle is... Read More »

How do i lease a semi truck?

Choose Your Lease CompanyChoose the company from which you would like to lease your truck. Use the Internet to find names of credit-lending companies and truck companies that lease or finance truck... Read More »

How long is a semi-truck?

Semi trucks and tractor-trailer trucks come in many different sizes and dimensions, and there is no standard length. According to law, the maximum allowable length for a semi's trailer, including t... Read More »

Where is a jackshaft on a semi truck?

A jackshaft is a long rod-shaped device partly responsible for sending transmission power to gears and moving parts. It is generally set between the rear end multiple motors and wheels.References:B... Read More »